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Feature 93 will provide a lens for you to see and interpret the world through your eyes. We believe all individuals are a unique and vital feature of this world. We aim to capture and preserve those brief moments and all things that bring meaning to it.

We are specifically styled as an unconventional, multifaceted, and original ‘Creative’ brand. Why? We believe our content reflects a wide range of perspective – which allows us to see things from all angles. Through endless inspiration, innovation and passion we are truly able to value and embrace our creative freedom which fuels our work that much further. Guided by client needs, wants, and inspirations – we can push our visions and desires to the absolute limit.

We value co-creation so we are able to give our clients a more personal, memorable, and customised experience. All we need from you is your inspiration and your vision. In return, we will collaborate our ideas to make it happen.

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Our Clients

Feature Family

Nayzel Sushil

Creative Director

I truly believe that a purpose lies behind every event. This includes the reasons people enter your life and the strength of the connections you build with them. I was born in a rural Fijian town called ‘Labasa’, primarily known for its canals and sugar cane. When I was three years old, my parents moved to New Zealand where we settled in South Auckland. Throughout my life, I always had a huge love and passion for dance, fashion, design, photography and music. Admittedly, I wanted to be a singer and tour the world, but God neglected to bless me with any vocal talent. Therefore my goals changed and I decided to develop a creative media company. One of my key objectives is to show how creative skill and concept can bring about change and influence others in a positive way.  My vision and goals are what keeps me going each day. My ultimate ambition is to transform Feature 93 into a lifestyle brand, that people can personally relate to, a brand that pervades the cultural landscape of New Zealand and then proceeds to cross borders.

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Human Resources

New Edition to the team . I'm the guy that keeps everything moving in the team. I come up with the top ideas but never take any credit. Pushing limits and eating lots while working is my method of success. I've got about 20 (dog) years experience. Well overqualified for this role but someone has to do what I do.

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Zaynel Sushil

Photographer & Project Manager

From a young age I was passionate about dance, choreography and the creative arts. What inspires me is a vision to see the world become a better place, where positivity is greater than negativity, where people collaborate to reach similar goals, where all people have equal opportunities including the opportunity to express their creativeness. Apart from photography, my role here at feature 93 involves developing strategies to achieve our company vision, advise on content creation and oversee at scale creative projects.

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Kelvin Lal


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Jesse McGowan

Photographer & Marketing Manager

Ok short and sweet. What I get up to on the daily, I am a full time apprentice plumber trying to withhold the tradesmen saying ‘tradies get the ladies’. Photography was always just a hobby for me, taking photos at family events or just going down to the local town and taking random pictures of anything. This was until I found out I can use it to show the world my vision… A quote I live by from day to day is ‘There will be obstacles, doubters and mistakes but with hard work there will be no limits’ the team at feature 93 make it easy for me to live by this, we’re a close group of friends turn family that help each other through the obstacles, we keep the doubters doubting themselves, we fix our mistakes without disagreement and hard work is something that comes natural to us..Limits? We have none.

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Karl Periam

Director Of Cinematography

I must have been about 16 when I started making videos of my road trips and BMX adventures. Taking my camera to most places became a routine as I wanted to capture the story and adventures that I had shared with my friends and someday look back on them. After I left school I tried a few different things and nothing stuck, that’s when I realized I had to do something I enjoy. I realized my passion lied in film making. Film school really opened my eyes to the fact that it was not filming the cool tricks but finding a way to show meaning behind every captured moment.In my perspective, film making was taking that story, whatever the story and showing it in a creative way. Using different visual elements to capture the audience is what I found exciting. The skill-set I bring is the visualization of film direction. I build on innovative filming techniques to produce contemporary style of film making.

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