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In April this year I was lucky enough to visit the city of San Francisco for the second time.  SF is a somewhat hilly city on the very tip of the peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  We know the city for its all year round fog, cable cars, varied coloured old Victorian houses and ofcourse the world famous Golden Gate Bridge.

We spent the first day exploring downtown SF and the piers the city has to offer.  Hitched a cheap ride on the city’s cable car stopping at a few famous destinations such as China Town where it feels like you have actually stepped into China with famous architecture, yummy Asian cuisine and tacky souvenir shops. When in SF you must make a quick stop on Lombard Street known as the world’s windiest street (it’s a must for the typical tourist)

After hearing a lot of crazy stories about Alcatraz Island Prison, I decided I had to step foot on the island and witness abit of American history myself.  Early morning I caught the first ferry out from pier 30 to Alcatraz (highly recommend going early to beat the rush). I thoroughly enjoyed the prison experience as I consider myself abit of a history buff.  Original pieces of furniture, equipment and the cells structures are still intact giving you the opportunity to perceive what life was like for many prisoners that were held there during the late 60’s.

Bubba Gump Shrimp had the bomb shrimps providing an array of flavours that would please your taste buds. We were obsessed with these so much that we made it a daily ritual to go here after our adventures. Don’t believe me?? Go and taste it for yourself and bring me a bucket please.

How can one visit SF and not stop by the Golden Gate Bridge? That would be crazy right…  One of my favourite parts of this visit was hiring a rad bike and taking a ride on the bridge. There are a few decent look out spots where you can capture immaculate photos.  Spend a few hours to chill and unwind after a long day here – better yet wait for sunset and traffic to slow down before you head back home.

Overall, I had such a good time in this city.  One of the best cities in the world, with so much to see. Will definitely be back here again soon!

Blogger & Photographer – Kelvin Lal


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